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Motorcycle Accidents Attorney in Englewood, New Jersey

Were You in a Motorcycle Crash?

Because of the inherent danger in riding motorcycles, when someone is injured in a motorcycle accident, it requires a more thorough investigation into the cause of the accident. Insurance companies will do everything they can to shift the burden away from their insured. Having an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who understands the complications involved, can overcome the obstacles to resolving these matters. The Law Offices of Jeffrey I. Amtman provides knowledge and insight in the areas of personal injury law to assist clients in the New Jersey and New York City areas who have been injured in a motorcycle or scooter accident. Contact our office to arrange for your free initial consultation.

A Motorcycle Accident Can
Be Devastating

New York Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

Motorbike accidents can cause serious injuries and sometimes result in wrongful death. Our attorney assists victims and their families to make sure they receive adequate compensation for their medical expenses and other personal losses and emotional suffering they have had to endure.

At our firm, we investigate motorcycle accidents in-depth. We will visit the accident site, collect evidence and conduct detailed depositions of witnesses to find out exactly what happened. If needed, our firm will hire the appropriate experts to help in determining what really happened. Our bike accidents lawyer is aggressive in seeking the maximum compensation available for his clients, whether it is through settlement negotiations or taking a case to trial.