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Repetitive Stress Syndrome & Injuries Attorney in Englewood, New Jersey

Recovering Compensation for a Repetitive Stress Injury

Work-related injuries can range from permanent injuries sustained in a workplace accident to strain injuries where the damage occurs after repetitive stress over a period of time. While many people think little of repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, the fact is that these injuries can have an equally significant impact on your ability to perform your job. The Law Offices of Jeffrey I. Amtman helps injured workers manage medical bills and lost wages by obtaining workers’ compensation benefits.

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Our injury lawyer, Jeffrey I. Amtman, has more than 32 years of legal experience and has a thorough understanding of workers’ compensation laws. Our law firm skillfully obtains workers’ comp benefits on behalf of clients injured at work.

While not all repetitive stress injuries are sustained at work, there are a number of routine actions that may cause a worker to suffer such an injury at work, such as:

  • Continuously typing or working at a desk

  • Repeatedly lifting heavy equipment or boxes

  • Loading trucks

  • Repeated movements working in an assembly line

  • Other job functions

Repetitive strain often causes damage to soft tissues, such as muscles, nerves, tendons or ligaments in the back, wrists, hands or other body parts. However, depending on the type of strain, damage may also be suffered in the form of gradual hearing loss or other permanent damage. We are experienced in handling workers’ compensation claims involving carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back pain, gradual hearing loss, tendonitis and other repetitive stress injuries.

After a Repetitive Stress Injury

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If job functions have resulted in a repetitive stress injury, such as carpal tunnel, protect your right to compensation. Contact our work injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Jeffrey I. Amtman to schedule a free initial consultation. Call today. We can help.