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Fires & Explosions Attorney in Englewood, New Jersey

Fire or Explosion at Work?

At the Law Office of Jeffrey I. Amtman, our experienced construction accident lawyer represents clients who have been injured in explosions or fires on the job site. These cases are extremely serious, as injuries that occur in a fire or explosion can be permanent and result in death. We strive to obtain compensation through workers’ comp benefits, third-party lawsuits or OSHA violation lawsuits in order for our clients to regain as much normalcy in their lives as possible.

We work hard to determine the cause of the fire or explosion. This also allows us to examine what safety measures were breached and if those disregarded safety regulations contributed to the fire or explosion at the construction site. Contact a skilled lawyer at the Law Offices of Jeffrey I. Amtman in Englewood, New Jersey, to discuss your options and rights.


There are a lot of wires and electrical materials on construction sites. If the proper safety measures are not taken, workers are at risk for electrocution. Even a small voltage wire can leave a worker with burns and other injuries. A large voltage being sent through the body can cause death.

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Fire & Explosion Burns

Burns are some of the most painful of injuries, often taking a long time to heal. They also may require extensive medical treatment in order to deal with infections, removal of dead skin, skin grafts and other plastic surgeries to address scarring. Although burns most often affect the skin, other areas of the body can also be injured. For example, airways and lungs can be damaged as a result of inhaling hot fumes and toxic gases.

Chemical Burns

In some situations, an explosion may send chemicals streaming across an area. These chemicals can cause serious burns if contact is made with workers’ skin. We handle cases involving toxic chemicals and the workers who have been burned in an accident with chemicals.

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Let us help you deal with the legal side of your injury case while you focus on your health and well-being. Contact a construction injury lawyer at the Law Office of Jeffrey I. Amtman in Englewood, New Jersey.