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Injuries to Children Attorney in Englewood, New Jersey

Has Your Son or Daughter Been Seriously Injured?

The effect of a serious childhood injury can have long-lasting consequences that require ongoing medical treatment or special care. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey I. Amtman, we investigate accidents involving children while considering both the physical and emotional effects of a childhood injury.

Depending on the nature of an accident, our office consults safety experts, engineers, accident investigators, and other professionals when determining the cause of an accident. Since it’s not uncommon for manufactures, escalator maintenance companies, swimming pools, or toy makers to argue a child misused a product or was unsupervised when injured, we thoroughly investigate what happened and why. As your attorney, Jeffrey I. Amtman exposes foreseeable dangers that involve a violation of a duty of care, resulting in liability for property owners, retailers, daycare centers, and manufacturers.

If your son or daughter has been seriously injured in an accident, contact childhood injury attorney Jeffrey I. Amtman today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your case.

Childhood Accidents

Our office represents parents whose children have been injured in accidents involving the following:

If Your Child Was Injured

I Signed a Waiver/Consent Form — Can I Still Sue?

Pools and some theme parks (venues that cater to kids) sometimes ask adults to sign waivers releasing them of liability if their child is injured. When doctors undertake certain medical procedures involving children, they may ask the parents to sign a consent form. The fact of the matter is that you can’t sign away your right to hold a negligent party liable. If someone acts negligently and injures your child, the fact that you’ve signed a waiver doesn’t mean the party responsible is released from being held liable or being sued by you.

When head trauma, spinal cord injuries or broken bones are involved, the medical costs involved can be substantial. Don’t let a business, school, or hospital mislead you into thinking you can’t recover damages from them just because you signed a waiver or release form.

Contact Childhood Injury Lawyer Jeffrey I. Amtman Today

If you signed a waiver or have been told by a theme park, hospital or birthday party organizer that you can’t sue them, contact childhood injury attorney Jeffrey I. Amtman today to discuss your case. We can evaluate the facts involved and determine how best to proceed.